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<center><font color="red"> (X(X(X(X(X <font color="Crimson"> Brede </font> X)X)X)X)X)</font></center><center><font color="3d2a4d"> (X(X(X(X(X <font color="hotpink">Minty </font> X)X)X)X)X)</font></center><center><font color="blue"> (X(X(X(X(X <font color="darkorange"> Nana </font> X)X)X)X)X)</font></center><center><font color="red"> (X(X(X(X(X <font color="grey"> PBS </font> X)X)X)X)X)</font></center>
<font color="darkgreen" Hi Everybody
Hugs all around
Aw, goodness, Brede, that's wrong that someone can hack you and you can't retaliate. That's just awful. Too bad you can't send them a virus to wipe them out or something. Hopefully the new year will be a little better hon 'extra hug'
Minty, I know, I have been eitherbusy or sick or busy and taking care of my niece, since sis and her BF are living with us now (my little house is FULL) and Sara is teething (ACK !) Taylar is almost 4 ft tall last she got measured, she's up almost to my shoulder, and I'm 5'3". She's loving all the snow we have now
Nana, I'm OK, a little stressed with the worlds crankiest teether ( cute kid, but not @ 4:30 am. NOTHING is cute @ 4:30 am. ) and having a full house, but other than that, not much is going on majorly here, just same old stuff and not enough time to get it done.
'steals PBS's PB&J' Heh I need a snack Got to go play more games
Well I'm off to bed, church in the morning, and I am making gift bags for all the kids who come for the Christmas service, have to show one to the women's group that usually handles it all.
Have fum folks
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