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Thank you guys for all of the advise. I thought I would give you an update as to how things are going.

We were able to talk at work for a few minutes the other day. But that has been the only time we have talked. See, where I am confused is that we were going out every other weekend. The weekends when he had his daughter, he would call me after he dropped her off with her mom to chat for a minute. But all that is gone. The only time we talk is when we are at work.

I can tell you that he ended up dropping one of his classes this semester (he's working on his Masters') and he told me he is currently looking for another job.

Do I want more out of this relationship? I'm not sure. See, he is the kind of guy I can see myself with in the long run. But to me, it was just an adventure learning about him and telling him about me. See, we have had our differences, so I thought is was interesting getting to know someone that I previously did not like. Make sense? I just hate that we don't hang out any more. I guess right now I'll just wait til classes end in about 3 weeks to see if things change.
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