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unknown,May I suggest you remain in therapy, because you might find a way to accept you for you and beauty is in the eye

of the beholder. What makes you think you are ugly? Have people in your life told you this, or is this how you view yourself? This I believe is very important information. You

do come across as negative and in your own mind, hopeless. But unknown, no one is hopeless if they want to change their life. Do you work, go to school or are you involved in any activities, hobbies with others? Personality I believe plays a much more important

role in how a person is perceived by another and as long as you remain negative, honestly and as you said, no one will want to be around you. Read, listen, learn from

others, and a good therapist about how to improve your life, your feelings about yourself, your attitude about intimacy. May I ask what religion you are? Perhaps it's not about

not wanting sex so much as it might be about the fear of intimacy...something to ponder and maybe discuss with your therapist. I surely wish you well.
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