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I have been there and back.
I have been with men who are small and large.
I will take out everything but my sex life to answer you'r qustion.
My first time was with a man who had to of been 5to6 inches. It being my first time I thought it was great. Then my 2nd boyfriend was 10 inches And he rock my world.
My 3rd man was round 4inches, when we made love I could tell there was a something missing, but he was good. My current man is 11inches and he gives the best sex I have ever had.

So to tell you the truth: sex is better when you'r with a man who knows what's he's doing. I think more importent then size is the Postion and The Technique you use.

I think man think size matters because:
Men think women wants a man with a big dick.
-They think they can provide for us better and give better sex with a big *one
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