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Originally Posted by unknown-ml View Post
thank you mauellett for your imput. you are right i still have not found an answer. the only way that i can find out the truth about sex is to become a slut and have sex with several men, and leave love out of it. a counselor would not help. they would just label me as being crazy, so they are out of the question. becoming a slut is my only option because i will never find a man to love me. men don't even want to date me so why would they want to love and marry me. thank you for your time.
Unknown, it seems like you have a very, very, very negative view of sex. Do your religious views tell you that sex is bad? Do your religious views tell you that sex should hurt?

Your problem is insecurity...not your lack of sex. Do you see how horribly you talk about yourself and about other women? You sit here and assume that no one will ever love can anyone love you if you don't even love yourself? Would YOU want to be around someone who mopes around and talks about extremes (no sex or becoming a slut)? Or would you rather be around someone who is more realistic and rational?

When you start insulting yourself, that should set off a red flag in your head: there's something wrong. You refuse to even see a counselor because you assume they'll label you as crazy, just like you assumed that those who didn't reply instantly agreed with you, just like you assume no one will ever love you. Are you some kind of psychic? Can you read other people's minds and tell the future? I didn't think so. Instead of putting words in people's mouths, why not be more open to suggestions? You seem to talk as if you have everything figured out, as if you know everything and everyone...and that's not the case.
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