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Am I being abused....... and please I am serious

I have been in a relationship with a man for a little over a year. He has always had a temper and has thrown things and yelled. He pushed me once and I flew across our bed and hit the wall. I didn't really think too much of it because I was trying to get past him and he wouldn't let me so I grabbed his arm to move it which in turn pushed him out of my way. So he pushed back. I chalked it up to the fact that he was having emotional issues because he lost his father in a bad wreck about 4 months prior to the "push" and I know that I am the only person he feels he can talk to about the death and I know he had been depressed. Quit his job wouldn't get out of his jammies etc. There were a few other heated arguements with him where he broke my cell phone and threw my blender across the living room. But he didn't put his hands on me.
This weekend he got very angry at me because he thought I was keeping secrets with his brother. The secret was stupid he thought I wanted to keep it secret that my daughter didn't do the dishes like I asked her to. But what happened was I left her a note to do them and when I got home she hadn't done them. His brother was standing in our kitchen when I said I will deal with this later and I put the note in her room on her bed for when she came home. I guess his brother told him that I said don't tell i don't want him to know. Anyway to make this long exhausting story short I asked my boyfriend what was wrong and he said something like how long have you been keeping secrets from me with my brother. I told him exactly what took place but he wouldn't believe me. So I walked over to go get the phone so he could call him with me standing there but he wouldn't move out of the doorway. I grabbed his arm to move it and he put his arms around me tightly. I tried to get away from him but he wouldn't let go of me. He threw me to the floor and I hit my head on our hard wood and it was on. I did everything I could to get away from him but he wouldn't let go of me he kept pinning me down. My son (this is where it is bad) came running out of the shower and hit him. He then let me go and told my son "Get your F###### A@@ back in the shower NOW!" I freaked out and asked him what the hell he was doing and why he was yelling at him and he owed him an apology he said. "He needs to mind his own F###### business and stay in the bathroom. I figured out there was no reasoning with him abou this so I went to go get my son and he pushed me across the kitchen I fell down and flew into the fridge. Then he picked up our big fan and threw it and it broke into 4 pieces. I got up and went in the bathroom where my son was in complete shock. My boyfriend kept yelling that he owed him an apology for throwing the towel at him. I kept telling him he is 8 years old I am his mommy he was trying to protect me. What part of him seeing you on top of me don't you get? I sent my son to his sisters room while I packed up his stuff. He pinned me down again on the floor of our room and threw me into the dresser. I got up and went to my daughters room and sat with my son until he left. He was yelling the whole time. Saying why I thought it was okay for me to hit him but not okay for him. I was trying to protect myself. Was I wrong to do this? Did I deserve to get what I got? Should I have not tried to move his arm? I feel like it is all my fault if I just would have not tried to move his arm none of that would have happened.
He did finally call his brother. And his brother did finally say what really took place but it was a little late for me and for my son and what he saw. I never pictured myself in a situation that is like this. I don't know what to do. Maybe I just pushed too much. Maybe I should have just let him be mad about whatever it was he thought was going on with his brother. I don't know.
Please don't send me mean messages. I just need some support and I have nobody else to go to.
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