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Perspective from one with adult children.. that been there, done that
With my children ( there were 3 ) Each one was totally different and their dating occurred at different stages.
The oldest I knew from first grade that communication had to be established with the truth. (she came home from school went upstairs, brought down a "pad" and proceeded to ask questions.) Eeeeek.. Well, I did have that discussion. After (6yrs old mind you) she said," thanks for being honest with me." Seems her friend in school had an older sister that had just started with her period. Then the same year.. she came home from school and told me," You know mom you don't have to be married to have a baby." another Oh no here we go .. Well, no you don't but isn't it better to have daddy around. ok >>>
When she started dating, group at first and then on their own.. ( Keep in mind, Groups!!! tend to pair off at times. (G).) We had the "talk" about waiting.. about precautions the whole nine yards..
The younger daughter didn't want to hear the talk .. she was and is my quiet ( like her dad) one. But we did talk eventually..when she was ready..
NOW ... My son (Ahhhh) We had the "talk" several times along with his friends. Once a month we had our "We need to talk episode." rofl.. 2 of his friends became fathers at a young age. My son recently said to me " See mom, I listened. rofl Their dad is a quiet guy who wasn't sure on how to give the "talk" . So quiet, shy, retiring me was left with the fun job.. And I'd be damned if I were going to give my mom's only speech which was.. All good things are worth waiting for.. (What good things? (G)) I did add that to mine after the main talk was through. You will survive this period of life .. mine are 32, 25, 24years of age and well adjusted.. wonder about the mom being adjusted though. (WEG}

OK Just retired from the school system.. I know a lot of kids are more "active" than others they need the right info not just handed a condom and told it's ok to go "play". They need to know responsibilities and consequences.

btw .. I was very upfront with them about my growing up time. What life was really like and not. The we grew up and everyone was a Saint time. of course I was ( see my halo ). rofl Good luck to each of you.. This too will pass.
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