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I guess it will pass one way or another. Might be me passing lol. Son is now 14 and seems to be losing his mind. All of the moral decisions I used to be sure he'd make, now I'm not so sure. He has made some choices recently that I've wanted to slap him upside the head and ground him till he was 21 for, but I can't. If they can't experience life here when I'm able to help him deal with it, he'll experience it when he's out of the house and have no one to help him understand what happened and why. In the past 7 days he got cut from the highschool baseball team and dumped by his girlfriend of 6 months. He was reeling for a few of days, I felt for him. But I've also found out that he's still hanging with some kids that he said he wasn't anymore. Ones that seem hell bent on getting him high. They've said as much to him. I know that it never went well with my mother and I when she tried to get me to stop being friends with certain individuals, so I've never tried with him. How do you get them to understand that the friends you choose to impact your life and your choices? Do they understand anything at 14?
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