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good luck whewwwwww!!! Limitations!! Set a timer for the amount of time allocated for the phone.

Telling them they can't hang with certain people doesn't always work. They meet at the designated place.

The thing I did tell mine was this.
" Not telling you you can't be friends with x. What I am telling YOU is that if anything goes wrong. YOU are responsible for your own actions. Should you get in trouble. Best be assured what you have to deal with the law won't be nearly as tough as dealing with me." "YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for YOUR ACTIONS>"

Luckily for me they believed me and knock wood they are fine. What the kids need to know is ..
When they know something is "going on" "going down" they need to know when to " take a walk Before things happen. As I told mine. Blame me say I'm a "mean mom".Tell them you have to be home earlier than you do. Never questioned them coming home early. ( WAs glad to see them) They didn't have to tell me everything that was happening .. They needed to know how to handle getting away from friends

It took them time to realize who were real friends. They did. They also earned respect by not passing judgement on the other kids.

Having them brings their friends to your home helps everyone. Sitting down with them and getting to know them is priceless.

Good luck to each of the parents out there. The kids grow up, we get grey hairs.
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