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Helping an abused friend?

I have taken in an abused friend. We have her 4 kids there, also. I don't know if I am really helping her. 2 bedrooms, 7 people, it is kind of hard. My boyfriend and I gave up our space. We are on the floor. She is getting very comfortable there. She hasn't done anything to improve her situation. It has been 3 weeks and we are running out of money. Everyone tells me that I should of taken her to a womens shelter. They would have helped her faster. Now, what do I do? She isn't working, she is scared to move forward, but I need her to. I cannot afford to feed 7 people. I know how she feels, I was her once. But, now she wants to escape life and I need her to face it for her and her kids. I know I screwed up, but I only wanted to help. Please can someone help me?
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