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My 2 cents...

Honestly girls there is not herb or pill to help unless there is an actual physical reason your body isnt getting in the mood.

For most women its a relationship issue, and not necessarily a bad issue or trouble in the marriage, often its just a communication thing.

Men are mechanical and can be turned on with sight or just the inuendo there may be sex happening.

Us gals however are slow cookers and need to be 'turned on' with touch, sight, smell and sound. And with all that if our guys don't understand that there is frustrations and lack of desire.

The one poster mentioned going to a naughty shop...if you both agree on those products they can help..thats why I am in the biz I am works!

Also...I have found a man who actually listens to me and what I need in the bedroom and he actually acts on it! Woo Hoo...

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