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(((((((ching))))))) I'm sorry! I didn't see you post in time. But I promise you I was thinking of you when I was in O'Hare. In fact I had a wonderful journey and even managed to get an earlier connecting flight - so I wasn't actually in O'H for long at all, this time.

I hope you've had a lovely Spring Break

(((((((Moon-Spammer))))))) Nicely done there! I saw 100 posts on the list and said to Pino "Uh oh, who's spammed me?" LOL But that was so beautifully done, who could call that spam?

We're intending to get in touch with you real soon, hon

<font size=+3>((*((*((Chickadee))*))*))</font> What can I say? I think I'll settle for, I love *you*. BigStyle.
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