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Unknown! Don't give up on this yet! I replied on this subject a while back and said I don't believe in love and I still stand by my word but everyone has their own beleifs and hopes depending on how they were brought up. I see that you're on the fence about love and don't know which side you wanna be on but I know that you still have hope that you'll find love before your time is up cause you're still talking about it, so that's very positive on your part. And I know how annoying it could be when people say that beauty comes from within and that's what men are looking for when falling in love, but of course we all know it's a little white lie we tell ourselves as an excuse for failed relationships and hormonal issues. Stop going to a phsycologist and save that mula to get some work done on your appearance. What's stopping you? Do me a favor and reply to the following questions so that I can have a better view of your character outside of the love discussion where you can definatley be titled as a "Debbie Downer" lol. What are your 2 favorite movies? What type of music do you listen to? Would you rather read a book or watch the movie? What is your horoscope sign? What kind of pets do you own? Are you impulsive? If you're not an only child then are you the youngest, oldest, etc.? Describe what you look like; weight, height hair color, etc. (or what movie star do you look like). Don't be pissed that someone actually got frustrated with your responses (or non-response lol). It's hard for people to preach so strongly about their beliefs and fail at converting those preached to.
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