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Unhappy Feeling lonely

I am a social butterfly and everyone know me and likes me. People think I have everything I want and a loving husband that adores me. It seems that I have the best life every.

But as of late, my husband is very mean to me. He's not there for me, starts arguments and calling me names. When I come into the room, he makes an excuse to leave. He feels that I do things just to piss him off and that I enjoy doing those things.

That is very far from the truth! I love him and want to make him happy, but nothing I do seems to make him happy.

I felt happy and warm before this turn around. Now I feel very lonely. We live in the same house, but live separate lives.

He told me that he is thinking of retiring. My thought was -"oh my god, no! Then you are home all the time".

I love my husband, but now I feel very unhappy. I want my loving caring husband back.

Does anyone else have this in their relationship? How do you handle this?
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