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Where to start is a good question. Right now I feel like my life is upside down and backwards. Guess could start with the telling and what followed.
My now ex-husband tells me that he has something to tell me well I was online chating with a couple fiends. He dropped a bomb on me tells me that he was cheating on me and to make it worse did not even have the decency to wear a condom. I went into shock as this was the second time that it had happened. Sigh have learned the hard way that 1st time u are human 2nd time is a choice.
So I told him we could try and i did try. I just could not get over the fact that he chose to do this again to me and after all I did to just comply with the demands he was giving me. Including giving up the computer on his day off.
The only thing I would not give up were my online friends. I was secluded enough.
Was all down hill after that. I was given no space to heal. I had to try and hide my tears from my kids. I was numb alot of the time inside. Only thing that would get threw that feeling was the anger and profound sadness.
Sorry to say was the onset of depression. Which even now I am dealing with. To someone who does not have it you do not want it trust me.
Well this is the back story and being how I am at the moment I will tell more later when I am not sitting on pins and needles waiting on a call that I should not even have to wait on.I will write more about what has happened in this past year or so as I can. Sometimes your the windshield sometimes the bug I guess.
Any and all typos I may make are in the name of science. My tests will be conclued when ever I get around to it.
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