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Question I left my husband because I didn't love him anymore

I left my husband of 9 years 2 months ago.Ever since all he does is call all the time tell me he wants to die and he cant go on with out me.He is really wearing me down.The guilt I feel is over whelming.It's almost to the point where Iam thinking about going back to him because I can't stand the pain Iam causing him.I do not love him.And I am ashamed to say I never really did.I married him for security because I was and still am very ill with crohns disease.It took every bit of courage I had to leave him.I am really trying to stay strong.I really want to find myself before it's to late to do so.Iam 42 and I feel this is my last chance.Please somebody advise me on how to handle this situation.I have already told him I would go to couseling to help him move on.But he says he will not pay someone to help me leave him all the way.By the way this is my second marriage.I have two kids by my first marriage.and I have no kids with him.Thanks, bluegirlfornow
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