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Well Lilly (Crafty) actually my mom was cremated,(I don't know what DACDjr is talking about funeral???) she is laid to rest in Elnora,Indiana. Noone could afford to bury her, we had little time to prepare for her early passing. I have dedicated myspace page to her for her Bday which is coming up. I am going to decorate it on her bday as a memorial site. The candle on my page has been lit since she passed.

Hey Sue said to tell you hello, she asked why you are not posting in DS. I just told her you were having computer issues. Which brings me to what you asked. Click your start button, then choose, all programs, click on accerssories, next you want system tools, then system restore. If it does not work that way. You can restart yout computer and then hit F8 before the startup screen runs. You want safe mode with networking, after that call me and I can remotely access your system to fix it. Also make sure you get that virus program Avast. It is really good, I will explain how to work contol panel once we get your computer ready for it OK. Talk to you later
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