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((((((Shopper and Dawgie))))))) QW just asked me what was making me laugh, and it's you and that pot of chili. LOL Hey, they make you eat chili on a PLATE with rice here. No crackers! <shudder>

((((((Tammy))))))) That pink, lacy one is actually the RkGdss model, but I'm sure we can customize it for you. /me gets some fishing tackle.

((((((Cookie and Dot))))))) Please ignore the above post.

(((((((Serene)))))))) We've got a chat to do tonight. Better look for something to DOOOOO in there. /me scoots.

(((((((Bird and Moonbeam))))))) Are you two slumming again? What are we gonna do with you? You can smell the dolls whenever you want. I'll even get you a set of keys.

((((((LiamFan))))))) Writing?? Actually, there isn't much on deck right now. Best try the Tea Room. I hear they do intellectual stuff in there. LOL

<FONT SIZE=+3>*(*(*(*(*(QW)*)*)*)*)*</FONT> I wonder if I can post a South Park Fruit Machine wav in here? You just got the jackpot. OMG!!!!! I *wish*.

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