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Of course!

Hello surendra1114,
I would love to chat.
I?m sorry I haven?t responded to you until now.
I have officially separated from my husband and am in the process of moving to a new city. I?ve been completely consumed by trying to find a place to live. I have nothing so I had to go out and buy absolutely everything! It?s been very consuming.
I am now trying to have a little downtime. I?d be happy to chat this evening or sometime tomorrow or whenever?s good for you?
I will also be more available now that I?ve gotten a lot of the preliminary moving stuff done. Currently I?m in the process of waiting for all my furniture to be ready to be moved into my new place so I can actually start living in it. After that I?ll have to attend to all of the little details of making my new place ?livable.?
Please don?t give up on me and give me another try. Truly, I?d love to chat and I could really use a new friend right now.
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