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A penis-shaped vibrator, especially ones with all the veins, provides a lot of stimulation that a rounded tube just won't. I bought myself a Lelo vibrator which was rather expensive. It has some neat bells and whistles, like seven different vibration settings with two vibrating parts (one in the tip, one in the base...they can be set to go simultaneously or one at a time), recharges, is made from medical-grade silicone (washes easy, won't hold bacteria and retains heat), and the petal design provides stimulation...

...or so I thought while I was in the store. Despite Lelo being super silky to the touch, the petals actually kinda...hurt. I wish I had bought myself a penis-shaped vibrator, I really, really do.

In other words, it feels better...that doesn't mean a woman is no longer a lesbian just because her vibrator is smoother and gentler on her!
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