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Well just got done doing house inspection since I was away from the home from Friday May 17 til May 19 for another pow wow. Family knew where I was what should of been done i.e. for the house, what day I would get home. Well 21 year old daughter didnt go to work today because (ready for this) I didnt wake her up! Husband spent all of five minutes with me last night before heading out. Dont know what time he came home. Daughter who lives with us, didnt even chat or anything with me last night, disappears when I got home. None of the chores i.e. dishes, washing laundry and etc was done. Yet more work was added for yours truley. Then they wonder why I feel like I dont have a family! Well you tell me ok? For a family helps, talks, is waiting for you to get home. Even with cell phones they didnt text or voicemail me about what time I was getting home! OMG! So today being Monday Husband has physical therapy sometime cant remember when nor care. But that is the only commitment I am doing for them today. Of course after I get the general house cleaning done. For tomorrow starts all of the grunt work of removing excess from the house to storage and garbage. THanks for letting me vent. Hugs
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