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Talking Just a thought.....

Like said before set your limits! I ought to know because if I ont then I dont get time for myself let alone for my family and the many things I do for or with them! For the last two years, I have do Scouting for three kids as a leader not including what I have to do for school for the kids and my sweetie. I also have many pets that require care and love. I am a stay at home mom but somedays I just got to sit and vegetate! ha ha ha This past year was my hardest since my mom passed on. Thanks to chatting online in the chat rooms with some wonderful roomies, I survived! Now all you need to do is set your limits and make time for your family and yourself. Things will get better. Also with your children getting older, they will be able to help you as you go. So keep your smile in place and your head up high! If I can do it I know you can too! Have a great day!
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