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1.Modern dresses are like barbedwire fencings. They enlose premises without obstructing the view.
2.It is gun in your pocket or you are pleased to see me?
3.Mosquitoes have bitten you or these are your breasts?
4.Women's bottoms are bottom of all the problems.
5.Today women don't want to be overlooked. They want to be looked over.
6.Today marriage is not a life plan for women. It is a plan in their life.
7.If they could send one man on moon , why not all of them?
8.Women are like tea bags. When they are in hot water, you know how strong they are.
9.Never over estimate a women . You may regret.
Never underestimate a women. You may regret.
10.You did touch me, but didn't feel my pain.
11.Wine is God's second best gift to men.
12. It is women's prerogative to change her mind.
13.Two men on street are worth one at home.
14. I don't count men in my life, but life in my men.
15.When I am good, I am good. When I am bed, I am better.
16. Best place for a man, is in your arms.
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