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publishing and making money

Although a graphic designer by trade, my book on the design of business, Digital Design Business Practices, is in its third edition with Allworth Press?deemed a classic now in the industry. (It seems many respondents are fiction writers, and I am in the nonfiction world.)
Doing an analysis based on sales, I figured that to make a comfortable living, I would need seven books with sales momentum such as this one book has enjoyed.
Publishing seems best when married with another discipline. Then the two can cross-sell. Sales also requires a multi-disciplined promotional effort including articles, speaking, workshops, book signings, shows, appearances, panels, etc.
Writing and designing are the controllable parts of the process. The promotion and sales controls you, and that is hard for those more committed to tangible creative results. It takes diligence to differentiate, to sniff out opportunities, and to try to sell in new, unexplored ways. I feel when the book is ?done,? I am really only half finished.
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