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Post Re: why are we here on earth/purpose of life

hi bonbinino
Islam teaches us that we are created only to worship God.
Worshiping God is a very wide expression, it does not mean just praying....but it includes every deed we do...if we do it to please God then this is worship even smiling in your sister's face..or visiting a sick person ...or putting away something that harm people in their way(like a rock or banana peel)... or saying a nice word ....and even going to work....because you want to gain money so you will feed yourself and your family ....all these deeds pleases God and it is a kind of worship if you have the take reward for it in the hereafter!and this is why we were worship God

Originally posted by bonbinino
I would like to receive reactions of something I read (in Dutch and will translate in English) written by Isabel Allende and that expressed in word exactly what I believe in.

"The purpose of life is that our soul learns something from our experiences in the areas of love, hate, missing, pain, sex, death, sorrow, joy, ambition and whatelse you can name.
And then, when we die, our soul continues to live in a different form to learn yet other things.
I see it this way, that what men calls God is an ocean of consciousness and spirituality and we are but drops in that ocean who than take the form of a human during life on this earth and when we die we go back to this ocean and bring with us everything we learned in that human form. "
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