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I'll show you all! I plan on writing the great american novel in here, so there!

A Novel-Noir in Spring.

I remember it well, the din of duelling lawn mowers throbbing in the memory of my Saturdays in spring. I sat sipping coffee, watching the clouds flirt together in the azure skies over the bay.

Then she knocked on my office door. That knock, at once insistent yet shy, warned me that something this was something that would be big. I stashed my bottle of rye into my fur lined pouch and said, "Come in."

She was a sight for sore eyes. Tall, lean, dressed to the nines in Coldwater Creek. A dame who knew her way into trouble. She studied me with those great doe eyes of hers. I knew that face from somewhere.

"Roo Marsupial?" She asked, her voice quivering between fear and boldness.

"Yes," I retorted, terse as ever.

Then I had it. Monseratte. 1943. We used to call her "Miss Biggie," the girl in the purple pillbox hat. She worked the stage of the Cabana, before the Vichy had their way with the island. Of all the detective agencies in the world, why did she have to stumble into mine?
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