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Are you taking the dog to an Orthopedic vet? How is the dog's weight? I was reading a site on hip dysplasia and it stated that first they get dysplasia and then osteoarthritis. Is there any way you can ice down that hip after exercise. Sure helps my back. The reason I asked about the weight is that the drs. always say lose weight if you have arthritis.

I saw a site on the net where this guy makes carts for dogs back legs. I don't know the expense but it did say that he also has used ones that he may be able to modify for any particular breed. No mass production, each cart is fitted to the dog.

I understand how you feel about your dog. My mini doxie is on pain meds. She is 15, we don't plan on doing any thing until the vet says too. At this time her heart, lungs, and the rest of her vital organs are working great.

I certainly hope you can find something to help your pup.
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