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JoJo, you know what my mom tells me? Some people have medals. Some people have Boy/Girl Scout badges. Some people have a bazillion letters after their name.

We only see what they tote around. We don't know the whole story. Sure, for some, it comes easy. But for others, they have to overcome a physical disability, financial hardship, and obstacles we can't even begin to imagine. That's what makes their accomplishments all the more remarkable...

I guess what I'm saying is that some people have nothing "tangible" but they have courage. Or stamina. Or humility. Or other qualities that are the envy of friends and colleagues.

Look inside your heart. If dancing brought you joy, that's the best trophy there is.

And another thing: you are making it on your own, finding your feet, your roots, your voice. And -- I hope -- you're where you are because of the strength of your convictions and your unwillingness to compromise them. That too, is something you should be very proud of. Let that be your prize!!

Take care.
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