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When enough is enough!

Hi everyone!

As most of you know I have a 3 year old, DJ. Well I am having some problems on the correct ways to punish him. He has become total terror on 2 feet.

When he kicked my pup, I sent him to his room. When he threw a pen at my oldest son and cut his head, I popped his butt. When he decided to write in purple marker all over my WHITE walls. I took all his drawing stuff away for 2 days. I have done away with T.V, going outside, no candy, no pool, no toys ect. ect. Then he decided to swing on my entertainment stand window and it shattered, cutting him and his brother. Of course I was upset with him. I took them both to the doc and had them taken care of and when we got home, I had to decide the best way to punish him.

But nothing works with him. He will just sit there and scream in my face 'mom I hate you, you don`t love me, I want my daddy.'

I do not like or agree with hitting my children but when enough is enough, what next? When you try everything besides spankings, what do you do?
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