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Wink Craft Review

(((( Everyone ))))

I popped into WomensSpace yesterday while craft chat was in progress. WillowWOW told us all how to make Gel Candles!! I thought it would be and easy and fun thing to do with the kids. So I went out and bought the stuff WillowWOW said we would need. Potpourri, jello, wicks, jars and decorations.

I found myself loving vanilla, so I got vanilla potpourri, 3 different kinds of jello, LOL they did not have the regular non smelly kind, so it was rasbbery, (red) lemon lime (green) and coconut (kinda yellow/blue). I got 3 jars, the jars I got are like mini canasters LOL, they have the lids with them, which is cool, because you can put the lid on the candle to save the smell *g*

Anyway... Decorated with rose petals, bay leaves (un-cut) ad cinn sticks.

I did not add the wicks to mine. Ok, so I forgot to *g* but they are still great!

They are beautiful! You can get so creative with these. They are easy and cheap, it cost me like $5.00 for the supplies and the kids loved to help make them. Awesome 'home-made' gift ideas that everyone will love.

So my review of Gel Candles on a scale of 1 to 10 one being lowest and 10 the highest, I give them a perfect 10. I also hope everyone else will try these!

My hat`s off to you WillowWOW

((((((((( WillowWOW ))))))))))
((((((((( ShaggyWOW ))))))))))
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