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Unhappy Lost

I am trying this as something new. My husband knows nothing about this and I am trying to hide it from him. I have been being abused for the last 6 years. Its gotten to the point now that I need people to talk to. I am afraid of what could happen anymore. It seems like no matter what me or my son do its just not good enough for him. I also am the only one working and I can be at work and get a phone call with him yelling at me saying what I am doing isn't good enough that I need to get a part time job too. I come home and I just get yelled at from the time I get in the door until I go to bed and then when I wake up until I go back to work. I can't spend anytime with my son, I am missing him growing up, I am working non-stop. I have had stitches in the front of my head, a broken nose, a black eye which is still healing-there is a lump under the skin yet but no discoloration is left. And I am only turning 24. I need help and I am scared to death to do anything. I want to run with my son but I don't know where I would go, my son has epilepsy also. I have no vehicle to go anywhere, I am not even allowed to have a key to my own house. He has broken a cherished piggy bank of my sons from the day he was born by throwing it against a wall, whenever he is pissed off he throws things or goes after someone. Its ridiculous. I can't take it anymore, me and my son have to get out and have no way to do it.
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