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lostandconfused, If you have a friend at work have them log everytime you come into work with a new bruise.
Your baby is in danger with this man. As crazymomma said call your local Y,, Or call a hotline about the abuse.
There are people willing to help you. YOU DO NOT need to stay in an abusive relationship.
Do you have siblings, or a close friend that can help in some way?
You have got to find a way out of there.
Someone will be willing to find a SAFE HOUSE for YOU & YOUR SON.
What state are you in?
Six years in an abusive relationship is Six years to long. Time to break the cycle. Before something extremely serious happens to either one of you.
Make that call for help ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Luck you CAN & Need to do this.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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