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Smile Planning is a good thing!

In both cases (I have 2 children), I did not think about having a special needs child. I think this is because I was rather young when I had my daughter 20 yrs ago and my son 10 yrs. ago. Now that I am remarried and 39 yrs old, my new husband and I talked about this on several occasions and decided not to have any children. The issue of a special needs child did come up and, frankly, I am not able to deal with that. My son has ADHD and it's been very difficult, especially in school. They are not very tolerant and it's been so stressful some days I want to run away. I work full-time (out of necessity, not choice) so it has affected my job performance in some ways. So, I don't think I can handle a more extreme case if it were to happen to me. I do think it's important to address this issue and get as much info as you can on the chances of it happening and on getting the help you need if necessary.
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