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Friendship though the years.

How blessed can one be???? A veritable treasure trove of love, laughter, & tears though the years. It began the day Molly brought Fran home from the hospital.

Mom took me over to see the baby. Oh I was so much older. 18months. We were inseparable. By the time we were in school everyone thought we were sisters.

In high school we belonged to the "Legion of Mary". We went to church every day & would take the people from the "blind" house with us. We enjoyed seeing things though their eyes. They enjoyed seeing things though our eyes. What lessons we learned from them.

We weren't saints. We went to the clubs, we double dated, we'd back each other even if the other was wrong. ( who's wrong never happened, and if it did we didn't do a thing.)

Met our loves got married within a few yrs of each other. Our kids were good friends. When her oldest daughter got married within a yr of my daugher... they both had their sons 2 yrs later. Born within 13 days of each other. ..

Who would have thought that our lives would stay entwined over the years. Here we are. Now she is riddled with cancer. Stage 4.
She told me during the week that she didn't want me coming over. Then passed the phone to her hubby.

Talked to him. He relayed the message to Fran. It's time for me to bring coloring book & crayons over. When he told her that she said " Don't forget the pepsi"

That is how we got to see Fran today. Yes coloring book & crayons were given to her along with the pepsi. ..

Fran has a lot of pain, a lot of spirit, and yes her pride. When we were coming over today. She had her husband set her up in her wheelchair. She was covered with warm sweaters. Insisted on going out for lunch. Then when we got back to their house, we stayed for another 1/2 hr. She looked so very tired. Told her hubby we would be going. Fran needed to get to bed. He thanked us so much for coming over.

Hey she's my bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world. So glad we got to see her. If you're reading this. Say a prayer for her, her husband, & family. They are a wonderful family.

My heart aches for them. It's near her time. She's so aware & the pain is so real for her. If only I could take some of it from her.

A lot of the story is left out. It would fill a book or 2 if it were told in full.

Tell your friends how you feel. Don't let things fester between you, a friend, or relative. You may not have tomorrow to change it. Bless each of you.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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