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imagjne this: It's time for your yearly mammogram. You go in and put on the "lovely" robe they give you.
The tech calls your name and they push and pull you. tug and twist and when they are done they tell you to have a seat while they check the slides. You sit in a room with other women dress like you. You pick up a month old( if you are lucky) magazine and the tech calls you again. You are then told that they need to redo one of the veiws. So you let them pull and squeeze you and then tell you to go back to the waiting room. You set there trying to think okay no big deal. They call you again and the tech tells you that you can go.
The next day, you get a call saying you need to come back in and have your mammogram redone and a sonagram to. That you will need to wait 3 hours and then you will be told what was found out. Everyone tells you to be calm and the question is how?
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