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How did the tests come out?

Mammograms such fun. NOT! Remember well spending a whole day there at one point. They tried 4 different of those squeezing the you know what out of them. Got so frustrated with them. Told them look if you're trying to milk it, it won't work. Then those needle biopsies. Yikes. Had a lump for over 10yrs they didn't want to take it out. Finally told them take it out. It's been to long. If you're waiting to see if cancer will show up. TAKE it the HELLO out. They did it wasn't cancerous.
It doesn't make sence to me if you have a lump, remove it then test it. Don't wait for games to start.
The same with other problems. You should know your body better than the dr. The dr should listen to you.
They have a better method of doing mammograms. It should be made available to all women & men for men get breast cancer too.
No matter how uncomfortable these tests are, they are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Better to be uncomfortable for awhile then to find out 2 late & nothing can be done.
LADIES get those checkups. Do self exams. Know thyself better than someone else knows you. Take care YOU are IMPORTANT.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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