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Remembering Patti...

You once told me that all the people of the world were involved in the same life time dance. "we rotate partners and have sometimes mindless chatter, words we remember when they matter in life, we're dancing now, you and me, and you'll remember when it matters."

You were so right... Your lessons and words made me into the woman that I am today. A woman I love and respect. A strong woman who uses her brain and has consideration when doing so, A woman that a little girl born seven years ago can look at and admire, even more beautiful, wants to be like.

You made me a rock! Your "mindless chatter" our "dance" together, it mattered and I remembered. I remembered while going through the most devastating time of my life and it mattered, and it made me strong, and it made me get past, move on and learn. I learned my strength. Another lesson, Thank you.

I miss you so much Patti, and you still are the most amazing person I've ever danced with....
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