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I'm in love and its unrequited, I'm so confused

Hi all I'm new to this forum, stumbled across it by searching for validation through google! My story is that I am in love with my best friend. We have been friends for over 10 years and in the last few years (3) I've come to realise I am bisexual. My friend is straight. I have never told anyone I am bi but I have a feeling she has a slight suspicion. Anyway she is wonderful, I love everything about her. She is very beautiful, very funny, very intelligent and kind. I would be lost without her therefore I don't think I should tell her my feelings as I think she would run a mile in 60 seconds! Hence my problem my heart aches when I'm with her, I want to hold her, kiss her, hold her hand but I know ill never be able to. I want to move on and find someone else to love and to love me but can I when my heart is already someone else's? I know if she loved me back I would have the strength to come out. Or even I met some other person who cared for me and I cared for them I could do it too, for the love of another. I apologise this has really turned into a brain dump for me and I'm sorry if I have irritated anyone. I'm new to forums and bi-ness!! Please be gentle. Anyone that fancies a chat or can offer any constructive advice or even wants to vent their brain to me then please feel free!
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