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This is an EXCELLENT source of information on all kinds of treatments for children.
It's the archive of a pediatrician's message board Great reading. You get the inside scoop on everything.

Since our son was born two vaccines that doctors suggested we give him have been taken off the market. That's scarey. Oral polio was causing polio in parents of newly vaccinated kids. People still don't know for sure whether the MMR has a connection with autism, but there was enough evidence to hold a Senate hearing on it. With the new chicken pox vaccine, they still don't know whether a booster shot will be needed down the road. Questions like that, in my opinion, should be answered before a vaccine is released to the public.

In general I think vaccines are good, but you have to judge them individually. Generally we look at whether someone is more likely to get the disease or to have a reaction to the shot, the severity of symptoms and risks associated with the disease vs the complications. When there is a question of whether a shot is safe or not, I don't think any child should receive it. If parents hadn't started asking questions and refusing oral polio it would probably have replaced the shot version, and people would have continued to be hurt by it.
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