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I discussed vaccinations with my sons pediatrician after he was born and she was very helpful and shared with me her own concerns as a mother and a doctor over some of the vaccines. My son was not vaccinated for pertussis (the P part of the DPT) until after he was 18 months old. She said that studies showed (this was 13 years ago) that the chances for reaction were slimmer after the babies brain was developed past one year. I trusted her judgement along with the material she gave me to read, we did not have the internet then like we do now. My son has never had chicken pox even after much exposure to family members and at school, and he has never been vaccinated for it because I don't think they had that when he was little.

As far as people who do not get their children vaccinated, I feel that they are putting their children at risk for nothing. In Amish communities the diseases that we consider obsolete are very much a part of life for them, polio, measles, whooping cough, mumps, etc. Communities that are sequestered like the Amish put the population at large at risk by not vaccinating. They do have contact with the general population at markets, etc. They make and can products that are sold to outsiders thereby generating a very real risk to others so that I feel that vaccinating our children is important. But it is a personal choice and I recognize that too. My sister has never had any of her children vaccinated against anything.
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