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Lightbulb A Women

A women....
has worth, so stop settling for men who dont understand your worth and want to treat you as if you dont deserve the respect he is supposed to give you.
A women....
deserves only the best, so stop settling for less than what you deserve. If you know that you deserve a raise, more respect from your man or someone else in your life, don't stop till you get it.
A women....
can bounce back. Don't get discourged by life because everyone has problems, and somewhere in the world, some one has is worse than you.
A women....
understands and accepts who she is for what she is and what she has the preserverence to become. Don't let anyone make you feel like you should change who you are to better your self, because you will only hurt yourself. Change because you want to and you know that you need to.
A women..
has carisma, not a "named" appearence. Carry your self as yourself, dress to your personality, but remember that people only respect those who respect themselves. If you look like trash, you will get treated like it.
And most importantly a women knows that she does not have to have a man in her life to make her feel complete. She knows that a man is not going to make who she is and that she has to love, respect, trust, and know herself and be comfortable with that before a man can even come into question. Men are great! and there is one out there for everyone! But dont settle for any man who will treat you less that what you know you deserve because it aint worth it. A man will never make you happy till you are happy with your self and the way you let him treat you. Make sure he knows that you are not going to lower your expectaions of your self and your life so a man can be in it. A women can live with out one and she can be sucessful and happy with one just as she can without one. You bite into a few bad apples and that is okay because as long as you stand up for yourself you will learn the value of being a women, your worth, what you deserve and what you dont, and your self along the way. Reach for the moon and youll lang among the stars. Dont ever put up with bull-sh*t just because, have a reason or do something about it. You control your life, so do what you want and dont worry about what people think, let them think because you know the truth. Think about what you are upset over, if it is dumb, than get over it. If not, talk to someone, cry and the start building your brigde to get over it becaue with every heartache dome a triumph and what comes around goes around. I f someone hurts you, get over it because someone will hurt them twice as bad, dont fell guilty for doing what is best for you, always help each other get thourh times of tears, and be there for one another for the laughs. Women are respected by some, and trashed by others. Respect your self love your self and everything in the world will fall back into place with beatiful, confidant, women, taking back controll of it. Oh yeah, and dint let any one discourage you, get up and do what you know you can - nothing is impossible, esp. with God.

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