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I couldn't agree with you more. All that I've learned and earned from my dancing was all for myself - not to impress anyone. Now that I've discovered that I have something called dysplasia, and a tear in the hip joint, my dancing days are over. But I know I can look back and be satisfied with my accomplishments.

Tangibles? They have very little meaning to me. Two years ago I found a lump in my breast. I stood in the middle of my newly furnished livingroom, in my newly purchased condo and thought, "None of this matters." It gave me one heck of an insight to what life is really all about.

I've learned a valuable lesson. What matter to me now are the things I can share with others. I work as a secretary in a hospital, part of the operating room "system." Relatives of patients always come to my office asking when the surgery will be finished. I see the anxiety, the hurt, the worry. I can't tell them that everything will be fine, but I can offer them compassion, a hug if they need it, and I always keep a box of tissues near by.

Now, after 48 years, I know why I'm here, why I have the job I have, and why I chose the medical field.

But I'll always be squeamish at the sight of a needle!!!
"Great dancers are not great because of their technique...they are great because of their passion." --Martha Graham
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