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Are you a 40+ woman suddenly on her own?

I?d like to connect with other women over 40+ who are in major life transitions.
I?ve been married for 23 years and I haven?t lived on my own for over 25 years.

I am now going to begin a whole new life. Although it?s late in the game, I feel as though I will finally have an opportunity to salvage my wretched life into something fulfilling and satisfying. I?ve been very unhappy for so long I don?t think I can go anywhere but up.

If any of you have or are experiencing anything like what I?m going through, I would very much like to connect.
Due to the nature of the way my life has turned out, I find myself extremely isolated. I don?t have any friends who can help me in any way. I truly am on my own and in a sense, I?ve been that way for a long time.

Please contact me if you?re so inclined. I?d love the opportunity to connect and get some small amount of support. Online friendship and support is better than no friends and no support.

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