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Wow, that's a tough one!

I have been married twice, taken advantage of both times, and toward the end of the second marriage I found out what true love really was when someone else came along who REALLY loved me. That relationship was short when my love was taken by illness.

It was over 15 years before I even thought about dating again .... I mean after you have had True Love once, what's the odds of finding it again?

But in the last few years I have worked through a lot of the crap from my childhood, found out who I am, and found out what I am really capable of (in terms of depth of emotion) and really started to feel lonely again. After all, 61 years and never having a good relationship isn't a very good track record!

Not having any family (just a sister and a niece in a different part of the country) the holidays are really hard but I try to spend time with my friends, try to expand my circle of friends into new areas, and connect with others on a more meaningful and less superficial way. Still, if it wasn't for my faithful and loving dog I don't know how I would manage. I am still a hopeless romantic (despite experience to the contrary LOL!)

Hang in there Sister! Become your own best friend, enjoy your friendships with others, and live life with an open mind - you never know what Fate will throw in your path!
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