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The Secret Room

I lugged and dragged and pulled on the large, flat cardboard pastry boxes. The A&P piled them up for the bakery to pick up early in the mornings when they made their deliveries to the gorcery. They would never miss a few of these valuable building materials, or so I thought when I was ten years old. On the wide front porch of my parents home I labored intensively for hours. Placing each box just so, using masking tape for nails I fashioned a wonderful house with a secret room. I found three year old baby sister Laura and took her into the house with me. We played tea party, and sang songs (Autumn Leaves was our favorite) and told secrets. We hid from the rest of our family in the cardboard sanctuary with a secret hidden room. When our mother came to find us we sat quietly in the secret room and tried not giggle when she bent her rotund figure and poked her head of wild chestnut hair into our refuge but didn't see us in that secret place. With the dollar I had earned from collecting fifty glass soda bottles, I purchased ten packs of Rollo candy from the drug store at ten cents each. I squirrelled them away in my secret room and Laura and I ate every last one of those chocolate Rollo's in two days. We got sick from them. Deathly ill as I remember. Today Rollo's are my favorite candy, not because of the way they taste, but because of the memories they made.
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