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When I remarried, Pirate was 8. Hubby and I married after 6 week courtship (hey that was over 15 years ago! see it can work *grin*) We had a long talk before we were married and agreed that we wanted one parent at home even though it meant a lower income. I got the better job, so he was the "househusband." We also talked about our beliefs about child rearing and agreed never to disagree in front of Pirate. It was probably the best thing we've ever done. Pirate thinks of Hubby as his real Dad and says that he is very happy with the values we taught him and was finally able to understand why his father and I divorced. (Father-career military officer; Me - old hippie) Even though he lived with his birth dad during High School (birthdad has 3X our financial resources), and since we moved, we are now 30 minutes away from bdad, Pirate will live with us when he gets out of the Navy and goes to college.

The old nasty stepparent is a myth. Hubby has always been a blessing to both of us. The trick was to always talk to each other about how to handle things.
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