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His real name is Andrew. As a kid, we called him Andy, but, now that he is an adult, he prefers to be called Drew. For some dumb reason, this Mom can't seem to make the switch to Drew. However, I now think of him and call him Pirate. When he is up to no good (fairly often), hubby and I call him the dread pirate. The dread Pirate came from a picture he sent us while he was very drunk in a bar in Turkey.

As soon as I get enough messages posted or can figure out how to insert stuff into messages, I'll send the picture that explains it all.

Actually, the first time he came home on leave (before he went into Bush's war), made all these pirate noises. Arrrgh, matey! And they were really good. He has also hated the Navy from the first day of basic training and he's a natural born anarchist (I wonder where that came from!!).

If you want, I can email the picture to you. He has turned into a real hunk!
I wanted to be a pirate, but I couldn't grow a beard and rum makes me giggle.
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