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Ok, Irish. It's time to learn to color!!! Wooooohooooo!
To color, you need to use HTML codes...don't's easy once you get the hang of it.
I did that by typing this:
[font color="blue" font size=4] BUT, instead of using the square brackets at the beginning and the end, you enclose it
with this < at the beginning and > at the end.

When you want to change color, you have to tell it not to use blue any more so you have to type /font and enclose that
command between these < >. Then, you can tell it what color to use by repeating ^ but put in a different color name. For size, the larger the number the larger the print.

So, remember:
- enclose the command between the < >
- be sure to use the = sign before the color and before the number
- be sure to use " quotation marks before and after the color name.
- after you're finished with one color, close that color with the /font command between the < >

Good luck, sweetie. Hope that helps. Have fun and let me know if you need help.
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