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Oh my, all this wonderful company makes me feel so loved
(((((( LondonLee))))) it was great seening you last night. you need to stop teasing ((((Smiley)))) about that D word you really will be off of her Christmas list
((((Pennylynne)))) loved seeing you and yes I knew you loved tea kettles.. had you waited though there is one with a tea kettle lamp you missed that one ... it has a blue shade and the base is in the shape of a tea kettle
(((((Giggle))))) Thanks for stopping in... did you get your goodie bag ... it is filled with your favorite Candy oh the peach candle was perfect... put it to good use in lighting it for people...hummmmmmm what a great scent thanks
What a bunch of s here...
If you have the choice to sit out or dance I hope you dance.....
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