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<font color ="purple">
Wow, I feel so loved ... how lucky can I be
(((((CheetahWOW))))) thanks hope you grabbed your goodie bag on the way out??
((((pennylynne))))) picked that teapot towel just for you if you look close you will see your initials in the corner
OHHHHHHH aren't you terrific peanut butter fudge yummmmmmmmy
(((((( janpo))))) hope you are enjoying your trip... put your goodie bags to the side for when you return ok
(((((londonLee)))) did you get your goodie bag, so good you think of Janpo what an you are
((((((ChallengeWOW))))) Oh, the plant is just beautiful thanks for the thought.Don't forget to get your goodie bag picked just for you..
(((((GentleWOW)))) Thanks you are truely a gentle woman with all your patience when my CRS flares up thanks ... hope you grabbed a goodie bag on your way out... one with your name on it
OH how I love this company thanks to each of you
If you have the choice to sit out or dance I hope you dance.....
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